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D-Code Technology Pvt. Ltd. offers a robust DICOM server that is integrated with the Hospital Information Management System (HIMS). Its aim is to restructure hospital radiology workflows by allowing radiologists and clinicians to study radiological images of patients from their own workstations. We offer PACS-EMR patient context integration, which not only eliminates the need for hard copies, but also enhances patient care, makes images more accessible, and streamlines the workflow.

Key Features

  1. Vendor neutral archive with integration with multiple modalities
  2. Easy accessibility of images - seamlessly from a single point of end-user interaction
  3. Integrated DICOM viewers to HIMS or RIS (Radiology Information System)
  4. Integrated patient portal – DICOM images in patient’s smart devices
  5. Enhance cost effectiveness in radiology by reducing numbers of hard copies
  6. Tab Based interface - Independent of Platform and Operating system